Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse of the Mind: On Allies

Nothing should be selected with out calculation unless time requires you to make assessments based upon instinct. This is verily what Clausewitz meant when he spoke of a generals instinct.  Those that surround you will be a factor that impacts the condition of your cognitive environment. They must be selected carefully.

A quote was mentioned to me the other day;

"In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you."

— Warren Buffet
CEO, Berkshire Hathawa

This is a perfect example of calculating the value of your allies.  The fact is people are not out to play nice with you. That lesson really hit home during the time when I got to know the Vancouver activist community.  My last hope of finding a righteous community, a noble community, dashed before my very eyes. Nothing but toxicity and betrayal. Just like the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP (New Democratic Party) and even our very own Canadian Forces. Don't get me wrong, I met some great people in these organizations. These things have made me who I am today. My goal was to find just groups. Truth be told, I turned up mostly over worked bitter trapped organizations/people.

Thousands of people treading water looking for a life preserver. Compromise upon compromise leads to a hungry ghost. The 餓鬼 èguǐ, those poor souls doomed to seek a life where there stomach can never be filled. To furiously reach for food but to never nourish.  We live in a zombie apocalypses of the mind. What the Right Honourable Warren Buffet is saying, is don't trust smart fast zombies. They are there to eat. It does not matter who you are or even where you are. If they are hungry and you look good, they you are going to regarded you as highly as food.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fuck You Fuck Everyone

The second I say this shit is seems ridiculous. Oh my god I am a stereotype a poser, because I forgot how many there are. People who don't believe in themselves or anything who like to wear a banner of  well something at least. How does a poser pick what he is wearing? Does is just pick up what is around him? A pathetic leech that does nothing more then get build like a slave by the things around him?

Either way it is bullshit and there are way too many of them in this world. The most fucked up thing was that I forgot what posers where. There are very few posers that will actually live in the real kill or be killed world. The shark tank, the squared circle.... Christ that hexagon where some poor dude beats the shit out another for billionaires. I am talking about MMA, ood knows I love that sport but those guys need to man up and unionize.  I got no respect for guys on the top willing take payouts while people barely get an honest cut for their life style.  I mean sacrifice like warriors instead of whores.

Point being in any of these worlds you rise or you fall. No don't get me wrong all of this is bullshit, half the time someone has enhanced their ability. Whether they do it in a bath tub or a lab (steroids) really has allot more to do with where they started out.

And that is the poser, the mother fucker who never inherited a back bone. The poor sack of shit that had nothing better in his life to hold on to, no inspiration, no great love....nothing, just fear. The empty desperate fear of being unknown and unloved.  If you can't relate to that then by god you are probably in denial or a sociopath.  That might be a logical fallacy. Technically there are 3rd, 4th, 5th options and this is not a formal scholarly article, so I will try and not get my panties in a bunch here. They are high probability and we are gonna leave it at that.

Love is what it is all about. That search from dawn to dusk for that world where you are whole. When you matter and things are much greater then you could have imagined. Much harsher then you would have realized. Sobering thought that. When you stand up things get harder not easier. We are not all that stupid, we avoid doing shit that is hard unless we are some how tricked into doing it.

Behavioral modification is a real thing. Management cybernetics, information theory.....blah blah agent based modeling.  There are some serious brains out that that live their lives at the beck and call of some other agenda then their own.  Is it because they love their family or they are just weak?  Fuck if I know, I have Robin hood complex wrapped in self aggrandizement and grandiose visions. My self esteem fluctuates based upon my utility. I am a man after all and it is all about what we are good for. That is who we are and how we are seen.  No more human then the spear or the axe.

Shit is a wave and it does not break until it crests. That is the just the natural order of the universe. So ride that turd monsoon into the sunset and grow the up. There are not enough adults paying attention.

Swords Edge and Cyber Punk City Scapes

There is a fine line between truth and arrogant self delusion.  A hungry ghost has infected us and it makes us. Strive for attention. We see one thing as our path to happiness and we block everything else out. Nothing becomes everything and our color become like the white of winter.

There is a thin line between what is good and what is evil. Our actions even in the best of intentions can lead us like a well oil cliche. Straight to hell, to failure and isolation.

Our love is pulled to pieces and we wake up one day filled with a pointless nihilism. Lost in the overwhelming sea desire missed, opportunities and judgements. And one day of the anger, all of the judgement that has been passed builds up and you become the hungry ghost.

All possessions all skill lose their taste. Joys become obligations and nothing hold the same weight. The world becomes whitewashed but for one thing. The cry in the emptiness, the wheel of desire, the hungry ghost.

His breath watches as you walk though an empty land into and empty world full of empty people. He watches while you eat food with no flavor and fuck with out emotions.

Hell my friend is when meals lose their taste and passion...passion is just something you remember.

There are some plus sides to this barren waste land. It is hard to feel bad about anything. People come and they go from your life. You could compare it to the ocean tides, but lets be honest. The ocean is in love with the beach tearing itself away only to return to her lover.  Us in this empty hell of a city, us in this empty creatively barren cyber punk ignorant corporate fuck fest. Are with out lovers, nothing but angry assholes ready to jump down our throats for a piece of bread or a tiny pat on the head.

Its fucking lame its fucking pointless. Hey, but now that I have you thoroughly painted a grim picture let me tell you my solution. Pick up your sword like a drunk  overworked emotionally stunted Japanese business man  and start cutting.

Where ever you are. Make an impact, bring color to an otherwise monochromatic field. Piss someone off makes some one happy. I don't really care what you do so long as you do something and mean it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Legitimatly Sexual

I have been thinking about where to do a more sexual photo shoot. The concept if a threesome between a two men and a woman. Very stylized very sexual, but it is more about the legitimacy of that part of human nature.

I can't see a reason to hide from that part of my being, or hide it for fear of public disgrace. That fear is at the center of so many broken hearts, a desire allotted to every mammal on this earth.

There is no greater dysfunction then sexual phobia. You cannot fear the very thing responsible for your creation. The very essence that drives our world.

Women have it worse then men in this department. Society is no where near caught up on men's sexuality, let alone womens.  That women should pretend that they do not have desire? Hiding such a force does nothing but harm. It causes too much suffering and takes away from a womans humanity.

We all have a universe of desire within ourselves. How can we be complete with our knowing and understanding that part of our nature honestly?

It is out right exploitation to chain a womans passions. Above all else it is the passion of a woman that we men desire most. However mean men can simply not see passed the ivory skin that gives it form.

What fearful fools we are when a woman is not free in our arms!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Keeping Honor Alive

Lately I have been having doubts about my path. I have been doubting being honorable.

Mainly I am tried of disrespect. I have been treated poorly in the Vancouver activist community because of my military background. It is a joke to meet people that are worse then the most annoying master corporal in the Canadian Forces. They accomplish nothing and fight over so little power.

I hate them. It is the first time I have felt such hatred in as long as I can remember. They squander their responsibility with arrogance and petty actions. They are fools, emotional irrational fools that do not sit down and consider their path.

I have not felt raw anger like this in a long time but like anything else this too will pass. I will grow and I will learn. Fight on keep honor alive.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Standing still after progress.

Nothing is quite as frustrating as a string of victories met with the lull in conflict.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Effect of Fighting for Special Interest Within a Broader Social Movements

First I am going to start with a disclaimer that this article makes no moral judgement on the validity of any special interest. That is the not the scope of this article.

I am confident that we can agree that different aspect of society have differing social norms. Allot of tension comes from this fact.

Very quickly it can become a cultural struggles with different norms clashing. One side or the other may be abhorred by certain aspect of another culture.

Cultural mass will play an impact on any change to normative social behaviors. With out the will of the people your actions will not bare fruit even if that will is achieved through coercion. Coercive methodologies are antithetical to collaborative governance or in layman's terms "slitting your throat to spit your face".

If there is an inability to rally large segments of the population it is obvious that method is not sound. At this point the causes can be externalized or internalized.

Now in relation to special interests they have an inherently more difficult task then more far reaching issues. Understandably this is frustrating and individuals may consider less ethically optimal means as a mechanism to achieve their objective. As a method of practicality or out of an emotional need.

While less ethical means may be effective in the short term they carry long term baggage and even added short term liability. They are a high risk high rewards strategy.

It is akin to marriage by force. One day the groom/bride may submit but at what cost. What decent world can come through submission?

The desperation that is attached to special interest in social movements calls for greater discipline, contemplation and understanding. It is the forge that can breed diamonds or create demons.

Demons have no place in a world of humanity and justice.

Those fighting for special interests have taken upon them a great burden that has been the ruin of many good hearts.

We survive extremes through ego or grace and it is easy to mistake one for the other. That is all I have to say.